Electromagnetic wave

  • Internal antenna design for mobile phones

  •      Ø Research for the internal antenna design of the mobile phones using CST MWS tool.
         Ø Development of the internal antennas using the Monopole, PIFA, Microstrip, CPW structures etc.

  • EMF human effect analysis

  •      Ø Human impact analysis for the electromagnetic radiation of designed internal antenna of the mobile phones.
         Ø Measuring actual SAR by the measurement system and simulating calculated SAR by SEMCAD X tool.

  • EMI/EMC research

  •      Ø Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and measurement method studies for the electromagnetic waves of the machines.
         Ø Mainly developing the standard measurement methods through the projects.

  • Wireless power transmission research

  •      Ø Researches for the domestic and foreign standardizations, and research trends for the wireless power transmission.
         Ø Implementing a wireless power transmission system and the analysis of the electromagnetic effects for the human.